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The Gerry Jarcia String Band is a new group of seasoned musicians based out of Johnson City, NY who are quickly expanding their fanbase with the mission of sharing hard-driving rhythms and catchy Old-Time tunes to the ‘next town over’. Revivalists with Rock N Roll hearts, they play old music that still resonates today and their audiences can’t help to dance, hoot, and holler well after each show ends. And, if you’re picturing a Grateful Dead tribute band, think again. They play a range of covers and original music inspired by the music that encompassed Jerry Garcia’s roots. Their rip-snortin’ old time dance music has packed shows over capacity, and most important: they’re all about having FUN.

We Play Old Time Dance Music

If you want to picture their live shows, picture this: a boot stompin’ dance party, where the crowd and band alike are kicking up the dust, making the party beg for more excitement. The Gerry Jarcia String Band is currently bringing this familiar scene to a multitude of venues in Central New York, and are expanding their radius to do weekend tours on the road this Summer. Wherever they go, their fans will follow, traveling out to share in another vivacious encounter.

The GJSB was born out of a Traditional Old-Time Music jam that Brian Vollmer organized, of which members Paul Koanui, James Pieszala, and Drew Gildea became regulars of, each month at a local bar. Their late night choices of songs leaned towards inspirations of the former banjo player and folk-singer Jerry Garcia and his acoustic related projects before and outside of the Grateful Dead. Brian offered these select musicians from the jam an opportunity for a short notice spot at a local festival and an after party, and they were able to organize an entire setlist in a day. The way the audience reacted to their traditional instruments and rock and roll vibe, solidified the project.

The response from press was immediate as well, with places like FLX Live saying they “emphasize the joy of bluegrass and filter it through traditionals and beyond, into arguably the greatest song book in America” and Brad from the crew of Originals saying they “know how to deliver a night of entertainment sure to keep your customers wanting more. The band will be back and so will their new fans.”

The Gerry Jarcia String Band is an acoustic melange like none-other. All shows they’ve headlined thus far have been flooded with excitement. The music is timeless and the players are talented. Whether it means throwing in a tribute song, laughing about the state of the world, or even bringing in a caller for an impromptu mid-show square dance, they are above all else dedicated to keep their crowds smiling, legs shaking, and them toes tapping.

Matthew Elkins,
FLX Live, Geneva, NY
With skill and grace, the Gerry Jarcia String Band emphasizes the joy of bluegrass and filters it thru traditionals and beyond, into arguably the greatest song book in America. Professional to work with and quick to get toes tapping, this is a band we are Grateful to have on our radar.
One of our favorite new acts. These guys pack the house and bring their own brand of old time and roots dance music. What an explosive performance!
Mike Liberty,
Ransom Steele Tavern, Apalachin, NY
Brad Cruz,
Original's, Owego, NY
The Gerry Jarcia band knows how to deliver a night of entertainment sure to keep your customers wanting more, the band will be back and so will their new fans.










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